Say Thingz Bracelet Sayings

Authentic - To be genuine.
Be Who You Are - Stay true to yourself.
Boujee - Luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character. 
Can't Even - When you find yourself speechless or over it.
Choose Happy - To make a great day.
Drama Queen - To blow everything out of proportion.
Extra - Over the top.
Fries Before Guys - Girl code: friendships come first.
Game Changer - Willing to make a change.
Girl Power - Independent and confident.
Glow Up - Upgrade.
Gotchu - Got your back.
I Got This - Got it covered.
I'm Screaming - Cracking up, laughing.
Keeping It Real - Not being fake or influenced.
Limited Edition - Unique, one of a kind.
Llamalicious - For the love of llamas.
Low Key - Under the radar, going with the flow.
On Fleek - Put together, flawless.
On Point - Exactly right or near perfect.
Organized Chaos Hot mess.
Peace Love How the world should be.
Princess Flashy and fun.
Reckless Living on the edge.
Rockstar The ultimate.
Salty Upset over something little.
Shook Surprised, rattled.
Sloth Hugs Slow loving embrace.
Stay Woke Stay informed.
Superhero Extraordinary positive powers.
Thanks, I Try Sarcasm at its best.
Too Hip To Hop So cool.
Unicorn Power Magical and mystical.
Unstoppable A force to be reckoned with.
Warrior A courageous conqueror.
Yikes Surprised reaction to everything.

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